Kunz, Britta: Leif Garrett

Dearest Leif!


You were looking down on the crowd,
Were enjoying your success,
Were famous, well-known, proud,
Hardly to express!

You gave our lives a new dimension,
Captured hearts – how could I phrase?
You even caught the world’s attention,
Never hid your beaming face.

Did you ever fear you’d fail?
And this would change your life?
Would end this fairy-tale
Or would it always thrive?

Did you recognize too late
The mistakes you’ve done?
Or did you pray for aid
While you were starring down the barrel of your gun?

But I admit in honesty
I often wonder how you are.
So let me tell you by this poetry
That I don’t care if you’re a carpenter or star.

Stumbling through my world of dreams
– All the outside world subdued –
I love your sunshine when it streams
To light up my solitude.

Leif – I really found you none too soon
And I can’t deny
I’m in the grip of a tune
You sang in days gone by.

Thousands of hearts entwined
By you who set the pace.
We still bear you in mind,
‘Cos that’s where dreams take place.

I know how to appreciate
You affording me this pleasure,
This lucky, pleasing stroke of fate,
That’s really like a treasure.

You gave the spark to fan
For you the blazing flame
In our hearts those days and now again
– you know – we still love you the same.

© Copyright by Britta Kunz, written 2000

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